by Hassan del CampoSocial Mediums

We struggle with this. So we brainstormed. Watched a lot of Youtube videos. Ate some mangoes. And this is what we came up with. Enjoy.

1.) Discover who your competitors are on Instagram by searching keywords in Google and key hashtags in Instagram. Look for pictures that look high quality and are visually aesthetic. Quality content can be a sign of a well-run business. Once you locate a company account view their profile to see how many followers they have. If it is significant, peruse their posts and take note of those that received high engagement (likes and comments). Mark down the hashtags they use.

2.) Use event-specific hashtags, like “MomExpo2017”, “SmallBizExpo”, or others that are relevant to your business to place you, virtually, in front of a specific audience.

3.) If you do business locally, use Instagram’s Explore tab to search for specific locations or placeholders that make sense to your business and target audience. Take note of the IG accounts that tagged them and start engaging with them with likes and/or comments. The action could quite possible prompt that user to check out who just liked or commented on their post. They’ll most likely click on your profile and look at your most recent post. So just in case, craft a post that is tailored to that particular audience before you begin engagement.

4.) Put relevant keywords into the Explore tab to identify popular accounts. Check for other keywords that the accounts use to borrow for future posts.

/success leaves clues.

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