by Hassan del Campo, Social Mediums

Here are critical things we learned from our first Facebook ad campaigns. Learn from our mistakes.

  • Choose the Right direction – I’m glad we learned about landing pages before setting up our Facebook ad promotions. Having a proper landing page or some other purposeful page for your visitors to land is obviously very critical. When selecting your destination consider making the path to your target with as little resistance as possible. A landing page specifically created for that Facebook ad campaign might yield better conversion rates rather than directing someone to your home page – where they’ll have to scroll and click around to get where you ultimately want them to go. Yes, you need to test your landing pages too. Don’t assume once they get there, an action will be made. If it makes sense, keep everything consistent and direct them to your Facebook page. Also, consider your objective. Which brings us to…
  • Decide on a Purpose – Facebook makes it fairly easy for anyone, even those without a marketing or advertising background, to set up a promotional ad. It’s also pretty cost-effective, which makes it even more enticing to dive in right away and just get started. But, your ad will essentially serve no purpose if you don’t define one from the outset. Elect an objective for your ad so you can manage your expectations and track the outcomes. You may decide to change your objective, and that’s OK. Our first campaign was aimed at getting people to a landing page that displayed a form for signing up and/or inquiring about our services. As we refined our market strategy, we realized that getting people to that landing page was not our top priority. *shrugs* In that regard were more interested in driving traffic to our Facebook Business Page, to encourage more engagement through likes, shares, and comments. We saw an immediate difference in our engagement activity and the “clicks” kept visitors on the Facebook platform and not an outside page. But, even a targeted ad won’t guarantee clicks. You need to monitor results, especially in the beginning…
  • You Must Track Your Campaign – While Facebook automates the distribution of your ads you must still actively manage your campaigns to make sure they generate the results you desire. We made the mistake of taking our hands off our campaign once it was up and running, to go focus on other aspects of the business. While understandable, that no-hands approach did nothing to bring conversions or clients. It was only after a few months that we actually took a look at our insights and noticed our ads were under-performing. Ads that don’t convert waste money. We had to come up with a solution fast.
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment – If you’re using Facebook’s recurring promotional ad campaign then I would say this is especially true. You’re going to be charged, either way might as well test out ideas until you find one that starts working for you. Since we’re dealing with people, there’s really no cut-and-clear formula that’s going to work every time for everybody. Inevitably, you’ll have to play around with your ad copy and images until results come in. And once you settle on a “winner”, don’t. Keep things fresh every once in a while so that your clients don’t become numb to the same ads. Remember, presentation is not just everything, it’s all there is.
  • Use Compelling Images and Text – The idea here is simple. You need to grab the attention of your customer. High quality, appropriate images are a must. Oh, and make sure those images you use are optimized or your customers will scroll past a blank box as the image loads. Optimize your images here. Your ad copy must also be devoid of grammatical errors and too much text. While writing your ad consider your audience, which brings us to…
  • Target a Specific Type of Customer – Facebook allows you to set age range, gender, interests, and locations (even zip codes) – use them. We made the mistake of thinking just because we made some adjustments in those categories that we were fine-tuning our audience. We were wrong. Our ads were still too broad. To make the most out of your ad, identify a niche and craft accordingly. If your business serves more than one niche, set separate campaigns so that each ad or ad set can be efficient and effective as possible.
  • Be Direct, State Value – Consider every person that glances at your ad is either subconsciously or consciously asking “What’s in it for me?” If it is not clear that your product or service brings value, it will most likely be skipped. Your ad should offer the person something – 50% off yoga classes, a free e-book, something. If not, use the power of social proofing to show why prospects should trust you; Voted #1 Plumber in Los Angeles, Over 5,000 downloads, etc. Sure, your business is great, so share why it’s great. And lastly…
  • Consider Spending More Money – Currently, Facebook lets you start an on-going campaign for $35/month. Affordable right? But, if you’ve gone through the aforementioned steps and still aren’t converting, consider giving your ads more mileage and increasing your budget. Consider assume that your competitors inhabit the same space. If their ads have more reach then your ads won’t compete on the same level. Assert your presence in your niche.

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