Here are today’s picks of our #favorites and #shoutouts via Twitter

@Freakonomics – The hidden side of everything: books, blog, podcasts, etc.

@FightPoverty – “Business Fights Poverty is the world’s largest network of business and development professionals collaborating for social impact.”

@FastCompany – “Official Twitter feed for the Fast Company business media brand; inspiring readers to think beyond traditional boundaries..”

@GreatPreneurs  – GreatPreneurs, “The More You Read, The More You Think.”

@NajeebaSyeed – “I make peace & love words : Associate professor of Interreligious Education / lawyer”

@MarketPlace – “MarketPlace In the business business, from American Public Media.”

@BeUnreasonable – “Unreasonable Institute runs accelerators to empower entrepreneurs to create scalable solutions to the world’s biggest problems.”

@jentescher – Jennifer Tescher, “Pres/CEO of . expert. enthusiast. Making $ work for everyday people.”

@WhatTheFFacts – Because you gotta have fun sometimes. These “daily doses of mind blowing facts” are a nice lil’ diversion for the day.

And last, but not least, Faces of Founders. While they don’t have a dedicated Twitter account, this Case Foundation-sponsored initiative gets an honorable mention for how awesome they are.

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