by Hassan del Campo, Social Mediums

Voice-enabled Devices

The growing popularity of Amazon’s Echo and Dot means that voice-enabled devices and applications that run on them will become more commonplace. Oprah, Domino’s, Uber, and NPR are just a handful of big brands taking advantage of the platform. Still, in its infant stages, savvy entrepreneurs and branding experts can develop and submit custom Skills (essentially, applications that run on Amazon voice-enabled devices) to bring awareness to their business or brand.

Video everything

  • In a move to compete with the likes of Youtube Streaming, Facebook launched Facebook Live to give its users freedom to live stream, nearly anywhere, without the constraints of YouTube. For starters, YouTube channels require a certain number of subscribers before the “stream” feature can be unlocked. Also, by supporting its own versatile video platform Facebook can keep visitors on Facebook (longer) instead of venturing over to YouTube – one of it’s fiercest competitors. Plus, it’s a great way to be seen. Facebook favors live streaming, so your content will likely get priority over other types of activity.
  • Instagram Stories was and is a blatant response to Snapchat. What’s great about this added feature is that it alerts all of your followers when you go live.
  • These days, mobile video ads and video promotion-ware can be created easily with the likes of various free and low-cost tools such as Adobe Spark, Ripl, Biteable, Animoto and so on.

Be Versatile

Pay attention to trends, but don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to hop on every wave. Choose the medium that suits you best, that you enjoy, and that will make a great addition to your business. Understanding how the storytelling of your brand changes from platform to platform, is the key in formulating impactful marketing campaigns. Decide what marketing tools would be a great fit for your marketing toolbox, and learn as much as you can.


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