by Hassan del Campo, Social Mediums

If you read our trends in social media for 2018 last year, you would know our predictions for this New Year include the rise of voice, video, and voice-enabled devices as mediums for businesses to utilize.

Last year registered on our radar as a free, alternative, easy-to-use platform to publish audio content directly from an Android or iPhone device. Now, it appears the app is gaining traction and is reaching audiences of emerging entrepreneurs and content creators seeking to build their brand in a different way.

What makes popular is its low barrier to entry. The application once downloaded allows users to instantly broadcast audio content from their phone where it lives on the platform for 24 hours or is archived as an episode where it remains on a user-created channel forever. And the best feature? gives you the option of creating a podcast from your content that automatically syndicates to iTunes, Google Play, and Pocket Casts.

With that said, here are some tips to consider to get the most out of this application.

  1. Now that Facebook allows you use to place videos in your Facebook Business Page cover (which you should be using) you can repurpose your audio content as a cover video featuring a clip of your podcast. Update periodically to keep things fresh.
  2. Always remember to plug a call-to-action (CTA) that directs your listeners to a specific website or to perform a specific action. If you’re going to plug a website, make sure it is easy to remember and uses standard speech as to not deter your audience by confusion in spelling. Something like “” is catchy, short, and tells the person what they should expect if they decide to visit the link.
  3. Create video from your episodes and repurpose them for YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram to give your content more mileage.
  4. If you have an existing blog where you publish content, can be a great way to share previews of your posts to encourage your listeners to follow your call-to-action to the whole post.
  5. Use your channel to make announcements for events, promotions, contests, workshops, and other in-person experiences to activate your local audience.
  6. Lastly, not only can you upload prerecorded audio files to your channel, you can even schedule the content to publish at a later date and time in the future.





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