by Hassan del Campo, Social Mediums

For the aspiring entrepreneur, there’s never a shortage of tips, tricks, and trends to assure your business stays on the competitive edge. And because we live in a digital world, much of the new information originates from the use of technology and our ever increasing interconnected communities in which our businesses live and thrive.

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Here, we’ve compiled a short list of tools we’ve personally used to supercharge social media campaigns for businesses and brands.

  • – As we all know, one of the limits of Instagram is you only have one opportunity to use a “clickable” link. And this link can only be accessed from your profile page. Well, things have changed a little with Instagram and many accounts can now add a link to an Instagram Story. The other alternative, of course, is revisiting the link in your bio. is a premium feature of the Later App that enables linking any number of posts to any destination; be it a landing page, e-commerce store, or blog post. This feature is great for active Instagram accounts that double as digital storefronts for a growing or an established brand. However, for the entrepreneur looking to trim the fat on expenses, there are other alternatives.
    • Link Tree is a popular alternative that offers both a free and paid subscription. Under the free version you can create multiple links, but don’t gain any of the branding and customization until you become a paid subscriber. But, a key difference (which might be the dealbreaker for some) is the difference in layout. While allows visitors to stay in the Instagram app and browse your pre-selected posts like they would your feed, Link Tree displays your links in text blocks stacked on each other. It doesn’t look bad, but it definitely lacks the appeal and visual element that is made to have.
    • Just create a landing page specifically for Instagram. *shrugs* Will this require more work? Yes. But, chances are if you’re using a link to redirect traffic to another destination you’ll need a landing page anyway. Your landing page should ideally be an indexed, subpage from your website that you can format (for mobile) and update when needed to encourage the type of action you want your customer to perform upon arriving there. Check out this landing page we made for a Facebook promotion. 
  • Synchronize your posts. Did you know that Instagram now lets you automatically post your IG Stories to Facebook? In Instagram adjust your settings so that your Stories automatically post to Facebook Stories.
  • Turn Your Posts into Stories…and Your Stories into Posts. Both Facebook and Instagram Stories are popular and effective tools for your brand. Typically, using the “Stories” feature on either platform can bring you increased engagement. We recommend using the Story feature sparingly unless you have a very active and engaged audience. And when you do post make them count. Since you can’t determine when a new viewer will see your posts, you want to assure that every time to give content that it matters. You may only have one chance to make an impression.
  • Add an action button. As a Business Account Instagram allows entrepreneurs to enable an action button from the profile page alongside your general contact information – allowing visitors to easily maneuver to an order form, request an appointment, or some other action. Found under: Contact Options->Add an action button

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