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Before we even dive into the reasons why we believe intrapreneurs are the future of business, let’s take a moment and understand what this term really means. Like ‘microbusiness’, intrapreneur is one of those buzz words that has seen mild success circulating throughout the internet but has yet to catch on – with the exception of the United Kingdom, India, the Philippines, and others.

What’s so curious is that the roles of an intrapreneur, as well as the organizations that house them, couldn’t be more relevant or ideal.


The life of an intrapreneur is directly aligned to the process of designing, building, refining, and leading business activities within an existing organization. They are the creative, risk-taking, and proactive members of your team that drive innovation and growth, from within.  

When an organization onboards an intrapreneur two events take place. First, the business gains a partner with a vested interest. Second, the business inherits the talents, skillsets, and network of said person, for the benefit of everyone.

Intrapreneurship is a process that allows for innovation and growth in an organization. Intrapreneurs are the entrepreneurs of the future. They present a new way of thinking about traditional employee-employer relationships that on the surface may seem counterintuitive, but it works.

To get the most utility out of their employees it would behoove companies, large and small, to offer opportunities or the freedom, during working hours, to brainstorm and test ideas. Traditional work environments typically discourage self-interest projects while at work. But, doing so could result in missed opportunities and fleeting ideas that could impact the small business in a substantial way. 

In conclusion, the intrapreneur is the future of business for several reasons. First, they are able to take risks and think outside the box, which is essential for innovation. Second, they have the ability to work independently and are not afraid of change. Finally, they are passionate about their work and are committed to their company’s success. For these reasons, businesses should embrace the intrapreneurial spirit and encourage their employees to be creative and innovative.

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